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Our Technology



Have you ever wondered how important it is for the laboratory where your baby starts his life to be the best? A life starts from nothing in our laboratory, that's magic!

And for that we have the most complete infrastructure in the country to be able to make OUR LABORATORIES compete among the best in the world, both for the training of our embryologists and for the equipment.

Our technology will give you the chance that each ovum obtained can become a baby, so feel confident that you will be in the best hands!

If you manage to get pregnant but suffer from losses, you have premature ovarian failure or your partner has azoospermia it is important that through our GENETIC EXAMINATIONS we know opportunely about risks of diseases or alterations in us or our children.

At New Hope we have the best technology, experts and agreements with the best laboratories in genetics. This offers to have studies available to evaluate and advise in a timely manner on risks for your offspring.

If in your case the male factor is altered, you are over 38 years old or if you fail in fertilization, we can help you improve results with our ICSI technique, which is the intracytoplasmic injection of sperm in the Ovum.            

This technique is a resource that has been invaluable in the development of assisted reproduction, however in New Hope we are always at the forefront and we use this technique with an improvement known as SL-ICSI (from spindle located ICSI). or ICSI with location of meiotic spindle), this technology is already included in your treatment because our goal is to offer you the best result in fertilization.            

We are the only ones in Mexico to offer it and the few in the world. Ask us what is your next query?         

If you have a mitochondrial disease, Mexico represents today an important chapter in assisted reproduction in the world, thanks to the first baby born free of mitochondrial diseases thanks to the MITOCHONDRIAL REPLACEMENT that had the collaboration of New Hope Mexico led by Dr. Alejandro Chávez Badiola and New Hope New York by Dr. John Zhang and his outstanding embryology.

Being the first in the world to achieve this great event that was news worldwide and proudly New Hope baby!

The day of your transfer, what we most want is for the transferred embryo to stay with you for the next 9 months. With our EMBRYOGLUE we can help you achieve this because in your transfer we will use a natural intercellular adherent, which is rich in the embryo, the transfer of embryos in an environment rich in this medium helps to improve the possibility of implantation         

Have you ever wondered how we will make sure that the cells we are fertilizing or transferring are yours and those of your partner and not someone else's?            

New Hope is the ONLY center in Latin America and of the few in the world that we have IVF WITNESS technology where we cancel any possibility of human error in the identification of your cells, so be calm.         

Do you already have children but you are looking for the little woman? Ó Do you want a little brother for your daughters? Or, genetically speaking, is it advisable that your children be of a certain sex? We can help you!             

In New Hope we have laboratory techniques for SELECTION OF SEX that can help improve the possibility of achieving embryos and therefore babies of the desired sex. This is more important in couples suffering from genetic diseases that are transmitted by sex chromosomes (male or female).         

If you produce few eggs in your treatments we have to make the most of them and having immature eggs does not help because they can not be fertilized, in New Hope we offer the INVITRO OVAL MATURATION to help those couples in whom immature ovums are obtained to mature them and give them a better possibility, without having to discard them.         

PGT-A This technology is ideal when by age there is a higher risk of diseases such as Down syndrome which are chromosomal alterations and in which case it is recommended to do the study to check the chromosomes of the embryo, or when despite the fact that the couple is young and has no risk factors, they want to confirm the health of the embryo.         

If you have suffered a gestational loss, you have implantation failures, you or your partner have a transmissible genetic / chromosomal disease, or you are over 40 years old, the PGD will help us search the embryos alterations of genes of some diseases or mutations of which the parents are carriers, diminishing the risk of inheriting it to your children, that is to say that your embryos come free of genetic diseases.         

For patients with gestational losses, thyroid, metabolic and hormonal disorders among others we have BIOCHEMICAL AND SPECIAL STUDIES, depending on your case we will suggest the best study option that will maximize us your pregnancy possibilities among the most frequent we perform the study CGT (CARRIER GENETIC TEST) or some others like the ERA (STUDY OF ENDOMETRIAL RECEPTIVITY) that allows to evaluate the window of implantation in the patients.         

If you have been suggested ovum donation because you had repeated failures in fertilization, this technology, which is only offered in a few centers in the world and we are one of them, may be ideal for you. , we want to achieve your pregnancy and with your own eggs through the ASSISTED OVULAR ACTIVATION:             

Within the same philosophy of giving each ovule the best opportunity, we are one of the few in the world to offer those couples who have presented repeated failures of fertilization the possibility of activating the ovums after fertilization. way that can improve the possibility of having a baby with their own eggs, before having to resort to a donation.         

If you have canceled cycles due to low ovarian reserve, you are oncological patient or the day of your capture we realize that there are follicles growing we can make a second capture in your same cycle. There are only 4 groups in the world that have the most experience and New Hope is proudly one of them that we offer SPECIAL STIMULATIONS because we are used to not cancel cycles due to low response, on the contrary, we have the good ovule policy.             

In addition, in those patients in whom no ovules were obtained or a low quantity was obtained, we can continue stimulating immediately through our Luteal Phase, this becomes important for patients with some types of cancer in which it becomes a career against the time to freeze ovules.              With the above we know and can start an immediate stimulation at any time of the cycle.