“Our feelings of happiness were beyond anything you could imagine”

Here is my testimony:


“For anyone looking to do IVF (especially outside of the United States), they should go to The New Hope Fertility Center in Guadalajara, Mexico. My name is Marie and I had a wonderful experience doing IVF there and am currently 37 weeks. My husband, Ben, and I had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years. After a few years of trying, I had many tests done and a couple of surgeries just to find out that I had to do IVF because of blocked tubes. I live in Houston and lucky for us there are several experienced and prestigious doctors here. We did deal with two of them but when it comes to IVF – there is a hefty price tag for something that wasn’t guaranteed. Everyone knows most of the time you have to pay out of pocket and all up front (which we had budgeted and saved for) but it’s hard to put your hard earned money on something that may not possibly work out.


The mention of medical tourism came up to save on the costs and started my research. Basically in a nut shell I was looking for a JCI accredited hospital or clinic (meaning that they would have the same standards as the United States hospitals and clinics). I found the New Hope Fertitility Center and emailed them. They responded immediately in English – which was another concern of mine. They answered all of my questions especially when it came to learning more about mini – IVF. Just like any other woman in my situation, we want it to work the first time!! We decided to go to Mexcio because of the considerably much lower price and believe me – many of my friends and family had the whole “deer caught in the headlights look” whenever we said we were doing IVF in Mexico. They thought we were crazy and they didn’t know what to say. It was usually that akward silence but a “that’s great but are you sure Mexico?” afterwards. After relieving them they just wished us the best and wanted to know how it turned out.


Well, New Hope Fertility Clinic was defintitely a lot nicer than a lot of places here the US. It has an eclectic feel and is very posh. The equipment is top notch and the staff is amazing!! My husband and I were treated so nicely and all of our appointments were on time. The clinic even gave us a cell phone to get a hold of us because as you know everything with IVF is all about timing.


Our experience was so amazing that I wish I could have Dr. Chavez- Badiola and his staff for my doctor during my pregnancy. They were all genuinely very caring which is very important. We came back to Houston and awaited our two long weeks and then went to see if I was pregnant or not. The nurse said our results were positive. Our feelings of happiness were beyond anything you could imagine. The IVF worked and pretty soon we will be the proud parents of Jasmine Alexis.”