Based on Articles 15 and 16 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by individuals we inform that the Company HOPE FERTILITY CENTER, S. DE RL DE CV who is also trading as New Hope Fertility Center is located in Avenida Americas 1245 Number P -12 Punto Sao Paulo in Col. Providencia, CP 44610 Guadalajara, Jalisco, with the phone number 01 ( 33 ) 38170404 , with opening hours from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs. NEW HOPE FERTILITY CENTER is responsible for collecting personal information, for its use and its protection.


Your personal information will be used for the following purposes: a) identification purposes b) corroborate information provided by candidates c), in order to integrate a record of hiring those people that will want to join the company. d) Preparation of record of customers and suppliers to implement the goals of society, in the collection of personal data we follow the principles established by the Law (Article 6): legality, quality, consent, information, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility. For the purposes mentioned above, information submitted on this web page will be stored by NEW HOPE FERTILITY CENTER. Where the information given will require special expressly authorization. It is important to inform you of your right to withdraw your personal data and access, rectification, and to oppose your treatment or revoke the consent you have given us.


For this it is necessary to send the request to the terms set by law in Article 29 to Cynthia Denise León Lemus, head of our Department of Protection of Personal Data, of this society and the address mentioned in the first paragraph of this instrument. With mobile 01 (33) 38170404, with opening hours from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs or via email at which confirms request by phone to ensure proper reception.


Transferring data to a third party is prohibited and we undertake to maintain confidentiality regarding these even after termination of the contractual relationship at the time concluded with you. Prado Norte 135, Lomas de Chapultepec Ciudad de México.


IMPORTANT: Any changes to this privacy notice can be confirmed in , either way you will be notified by email that was provided to us by you, within 5 five days of any changes.


Last updated: July 1st, 2013