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Why donate my eggs?

Donating your eggs is an altruistic, voluntary and anonymous way to help people with no possibility to get pregnant with their own eggs to make their dream of becoming a mother come true. Month by month, your eggs are wasted when they’re not fertilized, so why not do something useful with them and make them a fundamental part in the happiness of a couple? The process of egg donation takes no more than 15 minutes, it is very simple and almost painless. We will be with you each step of the road to make sure you feel comfortable and engaged with the program.

Requirements for donation

  • Being 18 to 29-year-old woman
  • ResidirLiving in Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone or Mexico City
  • High school level of education at least
  • Willingness to take medication to estimulate the production of eggs, as well as to take ultrasounds and blood exams
  •  Appropiate height and weight (body mass index 18-29)
  • No tattoos, piercings or acupuncture made in the last 12 months
  • No history of genetic diseases
  • No current use of antidepressant drugs, tranquilizer and/or mood stabilizer
  • Non-smoking and drug-free
  • No history of HIV, infeccious diseases or sexually-transmitted diseases, with or without treatment
  • Commitment to attend check-ups 5 to 7 times per doning cycle
  • ​Time availability. Extraction of your eggs takes about 15 minutes, but the process takes a bit longer.

What is egg donation?

CWhen it comes to your fertility process, we know you can pick between many and excellenet facilites, and that’s why we at New Hope Fertility Center are honored to be in your mind, where our duty is to offer only the best service and results.


1. Initial interview

Once we get your application, we will be doing an interview to get to know both you and your family history. This way we will be able to create a custom plan for you.


2. Blood tests

Prior to begining your process, we will perform medical analysis searching for diseases. We do this to guarantee what’s best for you and your pregnancy.


3. Hormonal monitoring

CWith blood exams and ultrasound we monitor your homone levels. We’ll check on you 5 to 7 times per cycle, prior to the egg retrieval.


4. Medication

Ovarian stimulation is done by the use of medication, which helps produce eggs. The medication must be applied only by medical instruction.


5. Egg retrieval

Once the follicles have reached the desired size and the hormones levels have increased we will program the extraction. The eggs are retrieved using a thin and flexible needle that is guided to the ovaries with an ultrasound probe. It is a quick and simple procedure.


It is an ambulatory procedure, so you may go home a couple of hours after the procedure is done if and when you are accompanied by another adult. For your safety we will not allow you to drive after being administered the sedation.


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Who will benefit from my decision to donate my eggs?
Your eggs will help future parents that are not able to use their own eggs. Your act is act is altruistic and selfless.

Does the egg retrieval hurt?
No. Your eggs will be retrieved over a period of 5 to 15 minutes. The intervention is simple, quick and almost painless. Besides, you will be asleep by an induced sedation throughout the whole procedure, you will not feel anything.

What are the secondary effects and risks of egg donation?
You may feel bloated and with mild cramps. In some cases, effects from the fertility medication can occur, for example; headaches, swelling and mood flashes.

If I donate my eggs, can I get pregnant in the future?
Absolutely! Donating your eggs does not affect your fertility status nor reduces your ovarian reserve.

Will I lose all of my eggs, I will not have any more eggs?
You will not lose your eggs (nor you fertility) in the donation process. Your body produces follicles in every menstrual cycle. We will only retrieve the eggs produced in the cycle we stimulate, the eggs that stay in you ovaries will be ovulated naturally in your next cycles.

How many time can I donate?
It is recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) to donate 4 times.

Can I have sex while I´m part of the donation program?
It is recommended abstinence during the process, because it is very easy to get pregnant with the fertility medication you will be taking (the risk of having a multiple pregnancy is very high). It is recommended to resume sexual activity until having your first period after egg retrieval.

Will I have restrictions?
Yes. There will be days before and after the egg retrieval where you will not be allowed to maintain sexual activity, extenuating activities like, exercise, swimming, and weight lifting, amongst others.

How long is the recovery period?
After the retrieval you may experience cramps, bloating, light discomforts, swelling and light spotting for up to 10 days.

Do I have to pay anything?
No. Your receiver will cover the costs of your donation process.

Can I have information about the couple receiving my eggs?
No. Donation is anonymous, donors cannot have any information about her receiver. Vice versa, the receiving couple will not have any information about their donor.

Will I know the number of eggs retrieved?
No. In the monitoring process the number of eggs that are developing are not mentioned, and once the retrieval is performed the number of eggs are not confirmed.

Can I donate if…

…… I just gave birth?
Only if 6 months have passed since the birth date and you are not planning to lactate.

……. I´m using contraceptive pills?
Yes. During the process you will be instructed to suspend them, once the process is very you may continue taking them.

…….If I have a contraceptive implant
You will need to remove the implant a few months before starting the process, the application of a new implant is not covered by New Hope.

…….. I have tubal ligation?
Yes, this surgery does not intervene with eggs production, however depending on hormone levels show on the blood work you may or may not apply to donate.

……. I´m a virgin
No. Donating your eggs imply performing intravaginal ultrasounds, the retrieval process is also done via vaginally.

…….I´m adopted
No. If you do not have any information about your biological parent’s medical history or background you cannot be a donor.

….. I´m a smoker
During the stimulation process you will be taking tablets and injecting medication that can be dangerous to your health if you smoke. You must quit smoking at least 6 months before initiating eggs donation process in New Hope.


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